Leader of Leaders Training Course

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The leader of leaders training course demonstrates to team leaders looking to advance in the company that they must develop talent to replace themselves. First or front line leaders are often in limbo. They want to advance and work hard to obtain those skills, but at the same time are trying to “protect” their current position.  They are afraid to let go of what they see as critical assignments and responsibilities in their current role to members of their team.

The leader of leaders training course provides guidance on vital aspects of leadership development.

  • The critical difference between leading people and managing things.
  • How to increase productivity through organization and proper planning.
  • How to determine what to delegate to grow talent and how to follow up without micromanaging.
  • The importance of communication and use of team communication techniques.
  • Techniques to use in order to gain respect and motivate employees by listening to them and finding ways to implement their suggestions and thoughts into actions and processes.
  • Be honest and generous when paying compliments. If there is a need to provide negative feedback, keep it brief and to the point.
  • Give credit where credit is due. It builds confidence and lets team members see that being a leader is not about taking the credit and sharing the blame.

Leaders learn to contribute to the organization through the success of others and help other leaders succeed. It teaches them to broaden their view of their responsibilities. As leaders move up the management ladder, each decision becomes less about the individual and more about the organization.

The leaders of leaders training course will give those in your organization the skills to be an adaptive manager, someone who can create clarity, vision and build mutual trust with your team and other departments. It will show them how to inspire optimal performance from team members, bring out their strongest talents and lead those new leaders in ways that will ensure the success of your organization.

The Emerge Group, Inc. offers Leader of Leaders Training to its clients.  Emerge was founded by partners Sheldon Loar, and Jim Wentworth.  Free webinar training is offered each month.  For a schedule of upcoming events follow this link:  Leader of Leaders Training Course.

More in depth training is available on an individualized, or Company wide basis to meet your needs.  Contact Jim Wentworth  978-640-0906 to arrange a free consultation.