Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise Success Pillars Video Reaches Over 1,300 Views

Photo of author  – Los Angeles, CA, December 3, 2012-Well known fitness marketing expert Bedros Keuilian from has recently launched several new videos on how to run a successful fitness franchise.  Specifically in a new video by Bedros he speaks about the Fit Body Boot Camp Franchise Success Pillars.  Fit Body Boot Camp is a unique franchise model that focuses on 5 pillars.  In the video Bedros describes these pillars as the 4 S’s.  The 4 S’s consist of support, systems, sales funnel, and service.  Each one of these pillars is furthur broken down in greater detail for members of the Fit Body Boot Camp franchise.

This video has rapidly grown in popularity because these success pillars can be applied to any personal training or fitness boot camp business and many trainers are finding this video and sharing it with their colleagues.  Currently the video has reached over 1,300 views with more and more people from the fitness industry finding it each day.

About Bedros Keuilian

Bedros Keuilian is a fitness marketing expert who has helped thousands of personal trainers around the world with their personal training and fitness boot camp businesses.  Bedros and PTpower is hosting the 13th annual Fitness Business Summit in March.  For current events in the personal training and fitness business follow Bedros Keuilian on Twitter.