Workers’ Compensation Issues Proliferate, Leaving Many with Questions and Needing to Seek Professional Guidance

Photo of author – Chicago – Workers devastated by illness or injury continue to face a stiff head wind when issues of Workers’ Compensation develop and arise in the workplace. Even in situations where employers and employees have sound working relationships, an on-the-job injury and its possible fallout can wreak havoc on any relationship no matter the strength of the bond.

“In Chicago, Workers’ Compensation struggles continue to rise with investigations and investigative panels seeking insight into the political process the issue has become. But buried beneath red tape are those individuals suffering from the effects of being injured on the job and needing their claims filed and approved in order for them to meet their financial obligations,” says Bradley Dworkin, senior partner at Dworkin & Maciariello, an Illinois Workers’ Compensation law firm.

However, despite any potential red tape or oversight, nearly every employee in the state is protected by Workers’ Compensation from the first day of their employment.

“Almost every employee in the state of Illinois is covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act from the moment their employment begins with their employer, and benefits are paid to an injured worker regardless of who is at fault for the injury and the types of injuries sustained,” Dworkin assures. “Injured employees have rights, and should seek counsel no matter the situation to ensure their legal protection during what can often be a stressful and traumatic process.”

Workers’ Compensation consists of a number of different kinds of benefits provided by the Illinois state laws to individuals who have suffered work-related injuries or illnesses under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. The Act is administered by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, which is a state agency.

Under Illinois Workers’ Compensation law every worker who sustains an injury or illness while on the job is eligible for financial protection and security. Injuries that are caused by repetitive trauma, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, also are covered, as are strokes, heart attacks and other physical problems that are directly caused by a worker’s employment.

There are several Illinois Workers Compensation benefits, too, including:

  • Temporary Total Disability Benefits – These benefits are in place to compensate an employee for time missed from work when dealing with a work injury.
  • Permanent Partial Disability Benefits – These benefits exist to compensate an employee for the permanent, lasting effects of a work injury.
  • Permanent Total Disability Benefits – If the employee is permanently and totally disabled because of a work-related injury then he or she is entitled to permanent total disability benefits for life.
  • Survivors’ Benefits – This benefit is paid if the injury or disease results in the death of the employee and is paid to the eligible dependents.
  • Medical Benefits – Employees are entitled to payment of all reasonable and necessary medical treatment required for the work injury. 
  • Other Claims or Settlements – Employees who are not receiving all Workers’ Compensation benefits provided by law should file a claim immediately.

“When a work-related accident happens, some of the first questions to arise in the injured worker’s mind are related to insurance policy, but victims often obtain much less compensation than they deserve for their injuries,” Dworkin said. “With the proper assistance, any injured worker should be able to receive monetary relief for the time missed from work as a result of a work injury and medical treatment for the injury.

“Those suffering from injury and attempting to navigate the Workers’ Compensation process should bear in mind that they may need to work hard for their compensation and remain resilient to obtain a fair and equitable resolution of their Workers’ Compensation claim. In the event settlement of the worker’s claim is not possible, workers may need to consider finding a professional to represent their best interests at a hearing before the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, the state agency that oversees work injury claims,” Dworkin said.

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