In the New report, “Secrets to Accelerated Weight Loss: An Attractive Slimmer You,” Author Sandy Braningan Provides Simple Tips

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Sandy Braningan, fitness expert and author announced today the release of the new report, “Secrets to Accelerated Weight Loss: An Attractive Slimmer You.” The report shares Braningan’s personal stories of success and failure in pursuit of an effective weight-loss regimen and to stay fit. Through the report, Braningan describes his personal secrets to losing weight quickly by implementing a series of small steps that are all part of a complete fat burning program, and offers relevant advice to help anyone lose weight and stay slim for the long term.

Braningan developed the short report to work in conjunction with his program, The Diet Solution Program. The focus of each is adjusting diets to focus more on eating right without cutting out foods that are important to health and well being, but rather making adjustments to a current meal plan to avoid binges and over eating during cravings.

But the approach Braningan outlines in “Secrets to Accelerated Weight Loss” are simple to follow, cost nothing to implement and can be incorporated into anyone’s everyday life.

“One of the reasons I believe this works so well for losing weight is that it isn’t boring,” said Braningan of his weight-loss program. “Most people get off track pretty quickly with a diet because it’s hard to stick with the same old thing every day.

“My diet program gets it when it comes to sticking with a system. The biggest step dieters face even after the weight is gone is realizing that little steps equal big results.”

Some of the following tips are offered in the report, and though they may seem overly simple, they are effective in helping change people’s mindset about food and their approach to it:

  • Put the healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables, on the top shelf of the refrigerator
  • Consider “Egg Beaters” for breakfast instead of cereal
  • Put a blue light in the refrigerator
  • Eat fruit or other low-carb food before a big meal
  • Eliminate added sugar from meals (non-natural sugars)
  • Avoid foods with sugar as a top three ingredient
  • Avoid white foods, like white bread and white rice (whole grain bread and brown rice are okay)
  • Eat only when the belly growls

But, more than “tips,” what is most required during any weight loss routine is the proper mind set. Discipline, repetition, control and the desire to make lifestyle changes are the true factors that equate to success, Braningan said.

“Weight loss is a mind set, one that requires a system that works for the individual person,” Braningan said.  “I highly recommend that people get involved with a program that has a community; one that will not leave someone stranded.”

Thus, in addition the simple tips offered by Braningan in “Secrets to Accelerated Weight Loss: An Attractive Slimmer You,” the Diet Solution Program also has its own forum where users support each other and trade strategies, tips and offer guidance, exercise routines and provide recipes to other users.

Braningan’s report, “Secrets to Accelerated Weight Loss: An Attractive Slimmer You,” is available as a free download at

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About Sandy Braningan

Sandy Braningan is an author and weight lose expert who published the weight loss report, “Secrets to Accelerated Weight Loss: An Attractive Slimmer You,” and manages the weight loss forum the Diet Solutions Program. Braningan’s programs center about the concept of supporting a positive mindset rather than providing strategy and technique for how to lose weight. The Diet Solutions Program is a community forum of individuals who encourage, offer insight and guidance to individuals seeking long-term weight loss.