Photo of author via December 16, 2012- Tampa, FL-    What car dealer does not offer service?  The profitability of fixing things that are sold by the same business that sells the product to you is controlled obsolescence.  Eventually, the product you are buying will break and need to be replaced, but in the meantime, if you believe that the selling company can actually fix your product while it is moving its way into the dumpster, the profitability of the lifecycle of this product increases and puts you, the consumer on the treadmill that never ends. 

In today’s day and age, one needs to be equipped with a good private IT firm that can handle all of the various issues and problems that arise using computers for business or personal.  Our lives are so entwined in the computer dependency that without a fix all computer person, we are significantly handicapped.  Having such a reliable asset, is a mandatory resource that not only prevents problems from occurring that can be harmful to our computer, but also in the event that problems do occur, viruses appear, or information is lost. 

So how does one source a good, reliable IT team?  First of all, interview them and see the staff and operation that exists.  Watch how they are set up and how they interface with each other.  Secondly, see who is the point of contact and how they respond to inquiries and problems when calls come in.  Thirdly, talk to existing clients and try and see different industry types.  See who has had problems in the past and how those problems were dealt with and resolved.  In addition to scrutinizing your primary computer repair company, develop relationships with at least two other similar companies or businesses that can either be on hand when your primary source is busy or should they not perform up to par at any point in time. 

The IT, computer repair services is also a very broad range of skills and knowledge required to be proficient.  Some services specialize in some things while others focus on other things that might necessitate breaking out your IT services to specialists that hone in on that aspect of your computer’s needs.  For example, virus protection is probably the most frequent and harmful  occurrence that exists.  Backup of files and all pertinent and valuable data is another very sought after function.  Then new applications of software and integration of old and new technology is always a challenge.  With phone devices and gadgets such as iPads and Tablets, there exists a whole world of melding phone, computer applications, and social media into one, requiring an understanding unique unto itself. 

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