Badger Anodising (Birmingham) Ltd Introduces Its New Website

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Contact: Andrew Law

Company: Badger Anodising (Birmingham) Ltd



42-50 Bissell Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B5 7HP



Tel. No.: 0121 622 1850

Fax No.: 0121 622 4265


Badger Anodising (Birmingham) Ltd introduces its new website geared for businesses looking for aluminum and metal finishing services. The website aims to serve many companies that are also involved in the aluminum and metal finishing industry. With the use of this new website, they assure everyone that they can provide their needed services by the time they call for it.

The new website is for everyone to have updated information about the latest innovations that their business is having and is offering for every business. It will be the company’s way of easily and quickly responding to the needs of everyone who need their immediate and high quality services.

Andrew Law is the owner of Badger Anodising (Birmingham) Ltd and is the leader who continues the legacy that the company has brought in the market for almost 60 years now. The aluminum finishing services that they are offering are of high quality and will definitely meet the standards of any business looking for high quality anodizing solutions. The website will inform many businesses as well as individuals looking for perfect solutions with their metal finishing and update them about the improvements about their services.

The new website is introduced, for people to be aware about where they can have an outlook about the services of the company and know the innovative process that the company has like coloured anodising. In this way, the company is able to give detailed information with all interested businesses right at their fingertips.

Badger Anodising (Birmingham) Ltd is a company that is based in 42-50 Bissell Street, Birmingham, West Midlands, B5 7HP and provides services for aluminum or metal finishing needs. They have the solution for business establishments and individuals that are looking for finishing services that are of high quality and follows a certain standard. With the use of their new website, the company is sure that they can widely provide their services and eliminate the worries of companies with aluminum and any metal finishing requirements.


For more information about the product, visit their new site at or send them inquiries through email at Feel free to call them at 0121 622 1850 or fax at 0121 622 4265.