Skylanders Most Popular Christmas Present

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Skylanders Giants are hitting the stores all over the world, be it online or your standard brick and mortar store. This is an addition to the video game that came out in 2011 that was named “Skylanders: Spyros Advernture” which followed young Spyro and his friends around different worlds. 

The beauty of the game, from the manufacturers point of view, is that the game comes with a plastic portal and requires actual Skylander figurines (over 24 in total that have to be purchased seperately) to be placed on the portal in order for game play to commence. These figures, or characters is probably a better way to describe them, actually store the Skylanders characters strength and skills that have been built up during game play. These characters can also be taken and used on anybody else’s games console regardless of brand.

Some call it a marketing gimmick. What do you think?

Clever ploy or not, children love the figurines. They have become collectors items, and some Skylanders are selling for $5000 on It is amazing, how this game took off last year and is set to do the same this year.

There is now the addition of the Giants, which are larger Skylanders that come with a new video game, which children all over the world are crying out for. This time the characters are bigger, and obviously more expensive.

It is largely accepted that this game is going to sell out fast, smaller online stores have already sold out. It is best to use the larger online stores. Have you ordered yours yet, if not still claim to have them in-stock here?