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( February 16, 2013)  Scottsdale, AZ-  Chinese cultures worldwide celebrate the Lunar New Year which coincides with the Gregorian calendar as the two blend within a span of three weeks.  In non Chinese populated areas, the Chinese restaurants and their families carry on the tradition through its food and cultural festivities.  Chinese food in and of itself bears tradition and abundance of stories and wives tales.  Since this is the Year of The Snake, it is notably a very powerful year for those born in it.  The snake, aside from being a crafty reptile, has culinary value through its medicinal use.  It cures and heals while providing much testosterone enhancement and warmth that embodies a thorough healthy cure. 


Although many Chinese restaurants do not serve snake to the public, Chinese restaurants that cater to Chinese people seeking traditional dishes might find snake soup available for a special request.  Shark’s fin soup has similar medicinal and anti-carcinogenic  traits that are highly regarded and are quite costly. 


As one travels and visits Chinese restaurants in their respective locales, one might inquire as to some of the traditional foods and their stories associated with their origins.  Keep in mind that each family has a different spin on their stories and experiences that they have grown up with.  This in and of itself is the genesis for new and interesting folklores as they continue to get passed down! 


The animal references certainly make for much more interesting conversation and ways that children can formulate their ideas about these topics that might ordinarily be boring and mundane.  The Chinese lion dance and dragon performances are great references to fictitious animals that provide exhilarating memories for Chinese people young and old and easy ways to describe those tales.  As we approach the Chinese New Year of 2013, contact Jade Palace Restaurant at:    (480) 391-0607/ (480) 585-6630