Photo of author -January 6, 2013- Wesley Chapel, Fl-  The financial loss that can result from a personal injury case can be devastating and it is the properly equipped law firms that can rescue the “small people” that suffer significant financial setbacks due to medical and hospital costs and property damage that can be tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in expenses.   A true advocate for the community at large is required however passion alone cannot provide an adequate legal service.  It is a full and complete operating team that a law firm needs to handle the voluminous paperwork and court logistics that provide the essential legal framework and artillery  for processing the claims. 

Pendas Law has established themselves in four different cities in order to reach areas that are similar yet geographically diverse.  Orlando, Tampa, Fort Myers, and Jacksonville where there are full offices to address the increasing volume of legal needs ranging from personal injury cases to wrongful death cases.  Wesley Chapel finally has a full service firm that can cater to the English and Spanish speaking population of people that represent a large growing contingency of the local communities. 

Lusardo Pendas started his legal practice in Orlando and Wesley Chapel in 1997 where he became known as an advocate for the local communities that he served.  Along with being a charitable donor within the communities that Pendas Law serves, the firm has made it an annual tradition to give away 1,000 turkeys every Thanksgiving to each city where they have an office.  This clearly has become a strong foundation that has embedded Pendas Law within their respective demographics, but more importantly, Lusardo Pendas understands and appreciates the clientele’s loyalty and dedication to his legal services. 

The Pendas Law firm has made the biggest splash as a law firm in Wesley Chapel as they have brought their full service operation to the neighborhood that is growing the fastest in Tampa Bay.  When people are looking at law firms or interviewing them for their quality of work, they should ensure that they have enough resources to handle all facets of the legal system that personal injury cases require.   Sign ups, demand letters,  paralegals, and attorneys, both junior and senior need to be present and available. 

Contact Pendas Law at:   (888) 573-6327 for any questions regarding legal and personal injury work in the Wesley Chapel and surrounding areas of Tampa.