Carpet Cleaning – CarpetFirst Sees a Surge in Sales with Pet Owners

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( — January 16, 2013) London, UK — CarpetFirst have reported this week that they have had an influx of call outs for their carpet cleaning services from pet owners, specifically dog owners whose canine friends are moulting as a result of the cold weather. Now that the winter temperatures have started to drop householders are naturally turning the central heating up to combat the chill and this rise in artificial heat is causing the moult.

Moulting doesn’t harm an animal as it is a natural process that happens several times a year although an unpleasant side effect to animal hair loss is the effect that it has on the carpets. A build-up of animal chair, as well as the odour that results from hair, specifically damp dog hairs, being left on and walked into the carpet may be off putting to visitors and householders. CarpetFirst offer a solution to this problem.

Sissy Tasheva, the Operations Manager of CarpetFirst says “A dog is known as being man best friend. This may be however they are certainly no friend of their owner’s carpet. The increased amount of dog hair that pet owners have to deal with at this time of the year can be upsetting, especially as unsightly pet hair and the odour that goes with it is hardly the sight that anyone wants to present to family and friends visiting in the run up to Christmas. CarpetFirst understand that even the most ardent dog lover would prefer clean and odourless carpeting and therefore we ensure that all of our staff is trained in the most effective way to remove pet hairs from carpets, rugs and upholstery and in the art of eliminating pet carpet odours”.

CarpetFirst offer their customers a fully guaranteed carpet cleaning service so that pet owners are able to enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the rise in moulting that occurs at the time of year is easily dealt with.  New and existing customers with pet hair problems this December may be eligible to discounts and special offers on their carpet cleaning.

Sissy Tasheva adds “We have taken a significant amount of new bookings this month from pet owners looking for a solution to their pet hair problems. It has been great to be able to recommend to enquirers our carpet services and to hear the resulting feedback from extremely pleased clients after the work has been done”.

For more information on the carpet cleaning services offered and current special offers call 020 8099 8444 or visit and use the on-line booking form to obtain a free no obligation quote.

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