Options Trader Tony Sizemore Anounces New Website

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Given Sizemore’s expertise in the stock market, especially related to trading options, the benefits of investors who partner with him are outstanding.

“Members of the investing community who choose to partner with me will see exactly what trades I’m making, in real time, eliminating the guesswork and indecision from their trading,” Sizemore said. “By partnering with me, you’ll be able to trade like a professional, and you won’t have to spend hours trying to design and manage your options trades.”

Investors that join Sizemore’s Options Trading Room receive access to Sizemore and his research and market analysis,

“I’m at the controls, so you can do other things with peace of mind, and if I don’t perform to your satisfaction, you can fire me at any time,” Sizemore said. “But, as you would expect, I have performed.”

Tony Sizemore, expert options trader, announced today the launch of his new website, Options Elements,  and he issued a call to action for traders worldwide to partner with him as he continues to enjoy long-term success in the market.

Through the site, Sizemore, who is a professional trader, is now making his services available to investors who subscribe to Options Trading Room. Membership to the site includes:

·         Complete Access to the Options Trading Room during Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week where Tony explains his trades, what he plans to do with different market scenarios and answers questions.

·         Access to Sizemore’s setup, adjustments and management of two to three option trades per month in his $50,000 Reg T live account and his $125,000 Portfolio Margin live account.

·         Real-time involvement of trade initiation, trade adjustments and training via the Trading Room

·         Real-time notification via SMS (text) messaging and email of trade adjustments outside of the trading room hours

·         Ongoing coaching, idea workshops, special guests, access to forums and private Facebook group


Proof of his excellent performance can be found in his last six months of trading in which he’s averaged a 29 percent return; a return on the entire account balance, not just on the margin used.

In addition, Sizemore teaches several classes for investors to help enhance their options trading, including options trading and option combination strategies. The Option Combination Strategies class, valued at $397, covers the following:


·         What is a combination strategy

·         Difference between a strategy and a tactic

·         Problems with singular strategies

·         Iron condors versus combos

·         Butterflies versus combos

·         Calendars versus combos

·         Combinations of debit spreads and iron condors

·         Combinations of butterflies and vertical spreads

·         Combinations of butterflies, credit spreads and calendars

·         Combinations of ratio spreads, debit spreads and calendars

·         Controlling the Greeks

·         Consolidation of strikes

·         Proper sequence for entering multi-leg combinations

Through Options Elements, Sizemore also offers managed accounts to individual investors. Through it, he’ll personally trade an investor’s account with a minimum deposit of $110,000; Sizemore only manages 15 accounts. All managed account clients have access to the Options Trading Room, plus access to any class offered through the site.

Investors wanting to join Sizemore may subscribe to the Options Elements with a Reg T account, available for $197 per month or they may subscribe to the Portfolio Margin account for $397 per month.

For more information, contact Sizemore at tony@optionelements.com or call 404-271-9777. To learn more about the Options Elements or to subscribe, visit www.optionelements.com.



About Options Elements

Established by professional expert trader Tony Sizemore, Options Elements, offers investors the opportunity to work with Sizemore, attend workshops, classes and access members-only group discussions. Subscription to the site allows investors full access to Sizemore’s Options Trading Room, including direct access to his expertise, as well as consultations and how to plan and work the stock market, especially related to trading options.