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( January 11, 2013) Tampa, FL-  The technological gurus in Tampa are hosting a fun gathering tonight which is the gathering of a number of different and creative talents in Tampa to form Innovative Technologies, which is a publicly traded company.  The company hosts Opt In Smart, a technological product that gears its efforts on helping local businesses with their local listings, social media, and mobile websites.  Local Mobile Advertising, a division of Need SEO, a national SEO company, also is spearheading the internet marketing and sales along with website design and SEO. 

This group at Innovative joins together operational and financial talents to form this alliance to grow this rapidly attractive sector in business development worldwide.  Innovative has worked to incorporate affiliates that can leverage their corporate and business relationships to sell additional web based products to their existing clientele.  Additionally, end users are targeted through a national sales force that can call on their demographical areas. 

This Open House expects to see over one hundred interested parties and guests that are looking to learn more about local marketing and enhance their web presence.  Local Mobile Advertising anticipates a number of new and existing clients that are looking for ancillary and additional benefits to their already successful SEO campaigns.  Currently, PPC (Paid Per Click) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is another area of interest that Innovative is looking at. 

There is much buzz in the Tampa area about Innovative and its team of experts.  One of the large areas that Innovative has added is a professional video team that can display and provide top notch video products for its customers.  Since videos are such an important element to internet marketing and search, this part of the team is a nice complement to their business.

For more details about Innovative, Opt In Smart, and Local Mobile Advertising and their open house event, contact: (866) 907-2978