MLM Prospecting – Essante Worldwide is Tops in MLM Prospecting

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( — 14, January, 2013) Atlanta, GA — Essante reports that MLM prospecting by personally enrolling more people in Essanté Worldwide places new Essante Associates in an open position anywhere in the Essante Associate’s downline, which in turn helps everyone’s success.

Founder and CEO, Michael Wenniger said, “Essanté Organics, Where Your DREAMS Become REALITY!”

Essante says it does not limit Associate’s downline levels, it does not cap earnings, it does not flush volumes and does not require any minimum group volume from its Associates. Also, Essante pays to infinite levels of downline depth.

In addition, enrolling new individuals in the Associate’s sales organization, those in the upline may also enroll MLM recruiting Associates and place the new enrollee on either the left or right side of the Associate’s business.

Successful Essante Worldwide Associates and Executives build and support their downlines, help their new members with MLM recruiting, and promote and buy Essante’s 100% organic products. Essante reports that unlimited income can be earned based on the ability of the Associate or Executive partner to share the extraordinary benefits of owning their own E-commerce business they can manage without leaving their homes.

Income earned by Essante Worldwide Associates is directly related to promoting Essante products to customers and to building an organization of Essante Associates who also promote products and build their own organizations.

Essante realizes that their mission is to protect our environment by producing and promoting only 100% organic, chemical-free products. Successful Essante Associates and Executives enroll new Associates with this same mindset by MLM prospecting for those who have the same goals.

About Essante: Essante Worldwide was founded by Michael Wenniger in 2009. Essante has become a leader in producing and selling organic and chemical-free products. Essante provides a very generous compensation plan to its Associates and Executives. Essante Worldwide has had their products featured in well-known national magazines, such as Star, Elle, OK Magazine and many others. The company has been invited to take part in Red Carpet celebrity award events such as the Oscars, Screen Actors Guild Awards, MTV Music Awards and others.

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