Hiring a Roofing Company in Charlotte, NC: Important Considerations

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(Newswire.net –- January 14, 2013)  Charlotte, NC — When hiring a roofing company in the Charlotte area, these are the considerations.

CharlotteNCBusiness Channel has launched a video for homeowners on finding the best roofing company in the Charlotte, NC area and has developed some tips to ensure that consumers hire a responsible roofing company. 

Materials – Expected Life – Warranty.  There is a wide range of the quality of roofing materials and the expected lifetime of the roof.  Homeowners should clearly understand the grade of materials to be used by the roofing contractor and the expected life of the final roof project.  Homeowners should expect the contractor to deliver a warranty of reasonable length.  Some roofing contractors are able to provide an extended warranty through the roofing materials manufacturer.

Written Contract.  The roofing company should provide a written contract that completely describes the work to be performed, the specific materials to be used, the length of time required for project completion, the method that the house will be protected from rain during the duration of the work and the length and terms of the warranty.  Homeowners should not rely on any verbal descriptions of work, materials or warranty.

References.  Consumers should request at least three references of previous work done by the roofing company under consideration.  The references should be contacted and, if possible, the completed roofing projects should be viewed in person.  Online reviews should also be considered as multiple poor reviews showing up online are a possible indicator of a roofing contractor with problems.  Better Business Bureau ratings are another indicator of contractor quality and reliability and how problems are addressed after work completion. 

Insurance.  The roofing company should be expected to provide Certificates of Insurance providing for both Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance.  If there is any doubt about the validity of the Certificates of Insurance, the homeowner should verify the insurance coverage with the contractor’s insurance agent or insurance carrier.

Licensing.  Homeowners should make sure the roofing company is licensed by the state where the roofing project is located.  Since the Charlotte, NC metro area includes parts of North Carolina and South Carolina, most contractors work on both sides of the state line.  The contractor should be able to produce a proper license.  If there is a doubt, the homeowner can contact state licensing authorities in North Carolina or South Carolina