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( –January 14, 2013) – Hamburg, Germany – Small business owners who are looking for an Internetagentur Hamburg services provider now have a new option. The extremely popular company ‘Internetagentur Hamburg, City-Map’ recently launched a new website and opened a new office located at Luruper Hauptstraße 271, 22547 Hamburg, Germany.

The company employs a diverse staff of Internet marketing professionals each of which specialises in a certain area of Internetagentur and are considered to be the best in their field. The company offers custom designed advertising solutions, SEM and SEO packages as well as the following services:

  • YouTube Channel & Video Optimisation
  • The Internetagentur Hamburg, City-Map website
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Lokale Suchmaschinenoptimierung

The company’s Internetagentur Hamburg, City-Map website was created to help small business owners promote and market their products and services for free. Entrepreneurs can create a free Internetagentur city-map listing on the website and optimise it so it’s picked up by the search engines then displayed to consumers who are performing a search online.

For the more adventurous business owners, Internetagentur Hamburg, City-Map offers backlink promotional packages, powerCard, powerSite, domain names, web-hosting and email clients. The company’s services are well planned and executed to focus on building brand awareness and increasing sales leads and website traffic.

Research indicates that hundreds-of-millions of consumers search the Internet every day for products and services that are in close proximity to their home. Local Internet marketing is slowly changing the business landscape and leveling the playing field for mom-and-pop shops in Hamburg. The Internet allows small

Search engine optimisation is extremely important to the success of an online shop because consumers perform several types of searches when they want to find something online. The first kind of search is called an ‘informational’ search. It’s called an informational search because the consumer is looking for information instead of a product.

The second kind is called a ‘purchasing intent’ search and it’s usually performed by consumers who are ready to buy something. The SEO and SEM advertising professionals at Internetagentur Hamburg, City-Map know how to position an ecommerce website for maximum visibility based on a consumer’s search intent. The SEO techs perform keyword research then create an SEO strategy to help clients achieve first page rankings in both local and global searches.

Small business owners who are looking for an Internetagentur Hamburg services provider are encouraged to contact an account executive at Internetagentur Hamburg, City-Map. The company is currently accepting new clients in Hamburg and the surrounding areas.

Our new project is with Mr. Rusert from Gulaschkanone Hamburg


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