Critical Tips for Choosing Wood or Laminate Flooring

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( January 23, 2013) Wesley Chapel and New Port Richey, FL- Prudent homework is definitely the way to go in advance of making a flooring purchase in a home.  With such a purchase where the item is permanent and looking to last for five or more years, the decision making process becomes ever important.  So what is the best practices and procedures that one needs to follow?

The internet search is an excellent place to start where information from experts and prior customers is ubiquitous.  Purchasing flooring on line is not a good idea, however obtaining information in the decision making process is.  (On line buys for flooring will not come with manufacturer’s warranties,  Additionally, with shipping and handling, there are no price advantages available on line.) It is a good place to check up on the reputation and prior experiences of other buyers and some details about their experiences.  It is also a good way to research any problems or complaints that others may have had with a specific product or method of installation. 

A local retail store location will enable samples to be taken home where the prospective buyers can look at colors and textures in the rooms and locations where the flooring location is planned .  Shopping in a few locations is suggested in order to gain a sense of how each flooring merchant handles different scenarios to measure, install, and bill payment plans.    Understanding the workers involved and their commitment to their work is vital.  A flooring installer should be full time with full time experience. 

How can one assess the level and quality of a merchant’s expertise?  It is important that the merchant does the evaluation and measurements.  It is key to see how they handle detail particulars such as baseboards and trims that are surrounding the floors.  Are they equipped to answer any and all questions that are posed to them?  Deferring answers to a third party is always frustrating rather than having them at the fingertips and point of request. 

Craftsmanship is a personal preference so it is necessary to touch and feel samples of the proposed product.  Whether it be the choice of wood flooring versus laminate, this must be looked at carefully and determined accordingly.  Manufacturer warranties and provisions for damage and contingencies that can occur during shipping and installation need to be weighed. 

Last and certainly not least is the method of financing and payment options that might be available for cushioning the effect of the large dollar value of such an expenditure.  Contact American Wood Flooring in Wesley Chapel or New Port Richey, Florida at:     (813) 991-7999/ (727) 375-1552