Frank Kern Joins Tumblr To Boost Social Media Profile

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( January 17, 2013 –  La Jolla, CA — Recently Frank Kern has been working on boosting his social media prescience online by syndicating news, videos, and information about himself on popular social media websites like Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter. 

The most recent profile created for the Frank Kern social media portolio was a Tumblr website.  Tumblr is a popular free microblogging website with built in sharing functions so that all users can share and repost content of each others across the entire platform.  This makes Tumblr a powerful social media platform that can rank high in search engines such as Google.  When fellow Tumblrs reblog videos and articles that they like it provides social proof that Google takes notice of.

In the past Frank hasn’t spent a lot of time on social media sites and admits in a recent interview that many internet marketers get caught up wasting a lot of time online rather than focusing on their core business, which is why so many people end up failing.

About Frank Kern: Frank Kern is one of the most well known internet marketing entrepreneurs and consultants on the planet. Frank works with individual businesses, as an internet marketing coach, and has helped celebrities such as Anthony Robbins and his company put out successful online campaigns.  Visit Frank Kern’s Tumblr or follow Frank on Twitter