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(NEWSWIRE.NET) January 21, 2013 Henderson, NC — Easy Video Player creator Josh Bartlett has put together a low cost software program that anyone could use, to learn how to produce great videos in less than an hour.

Most online marketers would agree that one of the best ways to promote your business is by creating and uploading quality videos. However the main problem for the average marketer has been the investment and time required to create online videos.

Josh Bartlett’s Easy Video Player has taken all of the hard work out of making videos by offering a “drag and drop” area in his software program. This makes it so the average person can get started in minutes after their purchase.

Before the release of Josh Bartlett’s Easy Video Player, a individual would have to purchase as many as 4 different software programs to get the job done. This one software program offers the tracking of video views, comments and more.

One of the fastest growing markets online is videos. For years most marketers have not taken the time to create and use videos to promote their products or services. Until now, it has always been a lot easier to put up a website or blog to promote online.

Josh Bartlett saw a need in the online market place and decided to invest thousands of dollars to solve the problem. Any marketer would tell you that sending a person to a online video is one of the best ways to get an individual to make a fast purchase of any product or service.

Many marketers are interested in using videos for the simple reason that it can easily show up on Google in just a few hours. This fact has changed the focus of a lot of online marketers and Josh Bartlett’s Easy Video Player seems to have been created to fulfill the needs of thousands of online business owners.

It is clear that the increase growth of online video viewers is here to stay and the Easy Video Player is just one of the first of many great video creation and editing tools that is due to hit the market this year.


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