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(Newswire.net — January 22, 2013) London, UK — Anclean report that this month they have received a deluge of bookings for the New Year to spruce up the high traffic areas of the home and businesses after the busy Christmas period. Carpet cleaning and domestic cleans tend to be the most popular booking at this time yet what many customers fail to remember to ask for is the rug cleaning to be done.

Rugs, the same as carpeting needs to be regularly hovered and cleaned. The same allergens that are found deeply embedded in carpets which may cause an increase in allergy related illness or trigger asthma attacks or skin irritations are similarly found in rugs therefore they too need a deep cleaning.

Nick Vassilev the owner, founder and CEO of Anyclean says, “Many customers say that they put off having their rugs cleaned not due the cost, which they find more than reasonable; it is the concern that their expensive rugs will be damaged whereas carpets are known to be more hardy. After explaining the carpet and rug cleaning services and how they work in depth to those who call or email with enquiries many do choose to give rug cleaning go and are amazed at the difference a deep cleaned rug can make”.

With prices starting from £15 for a small rug which measures up to three metres, having a rug cleaned is far cheaper than many expect. Many choose to book this service at the same time as having their carpets cleaned in order to completely deep clean the room.

The processes that the highly trained and experienced AnyClean rug cleaning technicians use when cleaning rugs depends on the type and style of the rug as different fibres require different attention. All professional cleaning solutions that are used during the process are 100% bio-degradable and environmentally friendly therefore are completely safe for anyone in the home or place of work, even children and pets.

Clients may enjoy complete piece of mind when booking rug cleaning with AnyClean as not only are the cleaning technicians NCCA trained and certified, all equipment and the work that is done is fully insure.

To speak to the AnyClean team regarding the rug and carpet cleaning services offered and to start your New Year with beautifully cleaned floors contact the booking team via email through the website at http://www.anyclean.co.uk or call 020 7100 5498.

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