Bad Credit Payday Loan Limit Raised Up To $2,500 With No Credit Checks

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( – January 25, 2013)  Los Angeles, CA –The owners of The Personal Loan Center website have been hearing the same complaint for years. Basically, their average client wanted to apply for a much higher loan amount. The average loan amount for most payday loan caps out at around $1,500 and in most cases, the lenders will start a new client out with $500. Then once the client has shown a good repayment history, the company would offer them the top payday loan rate of $1,500.

The company’s head loan manager decided to do a great deal of research, to see if he could locate a number of new lenders, that would be interested in approving a higher loan amount for individuals that have less than perfect credit. After contacting hundreds of different lenders, the loan manager was able to locate a number of lenders that were willing offer higher loan amounts to our clients.

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The company has located a number of lenders that were interested in taken on our types of client’s, because they were told that The Personal Loan Center would handle the repayment process. Most lenders are open to the possibility of providing more loans to individuals that have no credit or bad credit. It is just that they have no idea how to service these types of loans. The Personal Loan Center website was designed for people that have no credit, bad credit or have recently filed for bankruptcy.

The company has stated, that they have seen a 50% increase in online payday loan applications, once they had posted the option of the $2,500 payday loan.

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The Personal Loan Center website seems to be one of the first cash loan websites to offer this type of higher cash loan amounts. The company states that, like always, they are sure that a number of different online loan firns will soon try to offer the same type of services that are available on their website.

However, this company has made the $2,500 loan program affordable to just about anyone that has an income

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