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The Chief Executive Officer of Viratech Corp. (OTC:VIRA) , Kevin Buckman, MD, began his speaking tour yesterday in Australia with an appearance on ABC TV Dr. Buckman’s media tour highlights the upcoming launch of,  http://,  designed to be the world’s first experience based social network resource site for people affected by cancer, and the release of the first of 235 books to be released on Amazon’s Kindle platform, focusing on Cancer, “Find and Stop Breast Cancer,”now being offered through  through its KDP Select program .With KDP Select, Amazon Kindle subscribers will be offered a free download of the book, for which will pay a portion of its KDP fund to Viratech for each download.  “We developed the patent pending technologies for the Robert Ryan Cancer Protocol to decrease the morbidity in cancer patients and improving their quality of life,” states Dr. Kevin Buckman, CEO., scheduled for launch in the first quarter of 2013, is a social networking website for cancer patients, advocates, and volunteers. . is positioning itself to have the first mover advantage by becoming the primary resource on the Web that people affected by cancer will turn to in order to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others. Members can use to:

•           Create and mobilize their own Patient Support Network;

•           Learn from the wisdom of cancer survivors;

•           Research all aspects of cancer;

•           Organize their medical records, insurance, and research;

•           Create a customized strategy based on their educated beliefs, values and resources;

•           To create a proactive cancer prevention strategy.

Viratech, Corp. is a Wisdom Search Development Company seeking to unlock and channel the collective wisdom currently encapsulated within social networks. VIRA develops and leverages technologies that generate social network activity and allow user experiences and wisdom to be easily captured and transferred to other users. VIRA believes itstheir suite of intellectual property can be used to solve complex social issues via collective wisdom, collaboration, and mobilization.

Cancer is the first social cause to leverage VIRA’s technology. is a Social Support Network that provides a complete solution;: cancer patients can connect to other patients and survivors, organize their support network and resources, research their disease from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective and empower themselves and others along the road to recovery.

When an individual is diagnosed with cancer, the feeling of panic is overwhelming. As loved ones hear the news, they too are overwhelmed and often do not know what to do. provides a common sense approach to managing the chaos and uncertainty. The goal is to increase the patient’s quality of life and enable them to take back control. is designed to be the one-stop resource for people diagnosed with cancer, their advocates, and volunteers.  Members can connect to other people affected by cancer, organize personal and professional resources available to them, research the qualitative and quantitative aspects of cancer and create a customized strategy for beating or preventing the disease.  Cancer patients can use 15 user friendly support modules on the site to:

•           Learn how to accept their disease

•           Find a cancer sponsor

•           Organize and mobilize their support network

•           Organize medical records electronically

•           Organize insurance and finances

•           Research their disease

•           Find an oncologist and hospital

•           Change their priorities and increase quality of life

•           Adopt an exercise plan

•           Adopt a healthy diet

•           Research and register medications to determine adverse drug interactions

•           Prepare for treatment and mitigate side effects

•           Build a custom strategy to beat the disease

•           Share wisdom and experiences about how they went from patient to survivor for other patients

•           Become cancer sponsors to help future cancer patients get the most out of was founded by people who have firsthand experience with cancer. The network continues to grow thanks to individuals who continually donate their time, resources and experience to help cancer patients navigate the obstacles they face. Our driving principles to create an internet-based support system are based on clinical data which have shown that:

1.         Cancer patients who have an active support network live longer than cancer patients who do not;

2.         Increasing a cancer patient’s quality of life directly lowers the incidence of morbidity.

“We believe that the social network has the potential of changing the way in which patients view and manage their disease, thus allowing them to take back control and being more proactive in their treatment decisions,” states Dr. Buckman.

According to medical studies, by taking matters into their own hands, cancer patients develop confidence in their treatments,   And cancer patients who have confidence in the treatment do better than cancer patients that do not. A Susan Komen Foundation study  also shows that the survivors who decide to share their wisdom actually have a higher rate of surviving than cancer patients that do not.

“We can lower the incidence of morbidity — regardless of treatment – by raising the qualityof life of the cancer patient, as noted in a 2009 study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology called Quality of life supersedes the classic prognosticators for long-term survival in locally advanced non-small-cell lung cancer.  “We have developed fifteen best-practice modules featured on the web site. Each one is organized to provide specific resources to help cancer patients, families, and health providers,” states Dr. Buckman.

In addition, he adds, “Our tools enable permission controlled social networking groups, and can help convert friends and family from a state of being helpless to being helpful. They can actually increase the cancer patient’s quality of life. Simultaneously we can empower the cancer patient with the ability to tap the experiences of other cancer survivors. Additionally, they can create their own customized strategy to fight their own cancer, based on their own values, beliefs, and resources.” technology can use its platforms and resources to help authors get book distribution thru its patented ways to use social networks, copyright protection, and create new markets for eBooks.

Find and Stop Breast Cancer is the result of decades of research by Dr. Buckman in the field of cancer, highly focused on breast cancer. The book provides information geared toward making a difference in early diagnosis and treatment, and focuses much of its content on prevention of breast cancer and alternatives. Find and Stop Breast Cancer also addresses on what every woman needs to know about the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

Dr. Kalyani Kumar, member of Viratech’s Advisory Board,  states “Dr. Buckman’s book offers an excellent an inclusive review of breast cancer. Cellular wellness of the breasts is a major breakthrough in earlier diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, as opposed to conventional methodology. As a gynecologist, I have recommend his book to my patients and they’re embracing it with great enthusiasm.” Dr. Kumar was named Physician of the Year by the Congressional Leadership Counsel 2002 through 2005 and is passionate about new women’s health solutions.

According to the book, “Early diagnosis is key for success in breast cancer. Finding breast cancer at stage 1 has a greater than 95% survival rate, however, the exact opposite is true for stage 4 breast cancer where survival rate over 5 years is only 8%.”

One in eight women is at risk for breast cancer and most women are not aware of many hidden risk factors. Find and Stop Breast Cancer provides women with knowledge for many important topics, for example: 1. Stop genetic damage to future generations; 2. Detect breast cancer early; 3. Take everyday steps for breast health; 4. Seek proper care and treatment of breast cancer; 5. Help loved ones who may be suffering; and 6. Easy steps to breast cancer prevention.  The book also focuses on nutritional assistance for breast cancer treatment, opportunities to promote breast health, and diagnostics.

“Find and Stop Breast Cancer provides a fresh look at the causes of breast cancer and an opportunity to make changes in our current approach,” states Dr. Buckman, who advocates stopping the cycle of damage to DNA that is being passed down to multiple generations. “Included in my book are steps that can be done once a day for a month,” referring to the 30 actionable steps towards breast health included in the book. “These steps can help woman find solutions for their health. “There are many daily actions women could do to make a difference for their health, such certain lifestyle changes that they can include in their proactive women’s health program.” is owned by, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Viratech Corp. (OTC: VIRA).