Year of the Snake- Deadly Calendar

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( January 26, 2013) Scottsdale, AZ- Contrary to popular belief, the snake is a very strong animal and sign in the Chinese horoscope. It’s characteristics are enigmatic, introspective, refined, and clever, just as one would view the reptile itself. A snake was known in many circles in China to bring delight to a family. There are certain traditions that are commonly seen such as the “Fu” character representing good fortune, but also some have a rabbit that has a snake intertwined around it which is a sign of wealth.

The characteristics are both strong and weak. The strength shows that a person born in the year of the snake oftentimes has a good temper with a good skill of communicating without having to actually say much. They have strong moral values and elicit great wisdom. They exercise compassion for others and generally need not worry about finances. Helpful to others, they hate failure and are intense and passionate internally without expressing these thoughts outwardly. They possess a good understanding of themselves and have a rich source of inspiration. Perceptive, the women do well in housework yet show irritability.

The weakness that they possess are jealousy and suspicion, as they are cautious to share with others their inner thoughts and consequently can lose opportunities and friendships. They tend to overdo things and rely on themselves rather than others as they may doubt the judgment of others. Courteous yet headstrong, they are fickle and often have problems in relationships and marriage.

The Chinese horoscope was determined based on the twelve years of a universal cycle and ascribed a characteristic that would influence people born within an entire year as opposed to just a month to month duration. Once again, a longer term view of a life cycle. Animals were used with folklore stories that made it easier to remember and re-tell the scenarios that exist. Each animal, as one reads about each year, carries both good and bad traits, not unlike real life and the way human beings are. There are specific proclivities within each one that are pronounced and distinguishable from others. Gung Hay Fa Choy!

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