Breast Cancer Linked to Lack of Sleep

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Is lack of light linked to higher breast cancer risk?, the first experience based social network for cancer patients and support groups, has released Dr. Kevin Buckman’s book “Find and Stop Breast Cancer”. This book is the first of 235 volumes on various topics related to cancer and the different types of cancer to be released on Amazon’s Kindle format by the company and social network. 

Every book in the series, to include “Find and Stop Breast Cancer” by Dr. Kevin Buckman, will be offered through on its KDP Select program. With KDP Select, Amazon Kindle subscribers will be offered a free download of the book, for which will pay a portion of its KDP fund to Viratech for each download. 

Years ago, the theory was offered regarding light-at-night, shift work and lack of sleep could be probable human carcinogens. This means that not getting enough sleep or consistently altering the normal day awake, night sleep cycle could be a contributor to the possible risks of breast cancer.

Dr. Buckman enlightens readers regarding the circadian cycle, what light at night (LAN) means to the human body, and steps that individuals can take to minimize their participation or exposure to such. Dim red lights at night instead of regular lights, extending the daily dark period and reducing use of even natural sleep aids can be of significant benefit.

Electromagnetic fields and radio magnetic field permeate our environment which


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