Breast Cancer Risk Factors

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( – January 27, 2013) Stocton, CA  –The list of possible risk factors for cancer is long and unyielding. Yet for every risk factor, there is also something to mitigate that risk. Risk factors such as obesity, pollution, diet and sedentary lifestyle are within the control of the individual to affect. Different choices can be made to take vitamins, work out more, avoid sweets and get more sun. Such elections can reduce the risk of breast cancer, and other cancers, and can supplement the body’s natural immune system to fend off breast cancer.

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Find and Stop Breast Cancer lists both, enabling readers to evaluate their own life habits, decide what if anything needs to change, and make healthy responsible decisions to do what they can to keep cancer from becoming a part of their life. Dr. Buckman provides or quotes all the applicable studies to back up his information, making this the most factual and relevant book of our time on breast cancer.


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“We can lower the incidence of morbidity — regardless of treatment – by raising the quality of life of the cancer patient, as noted in a 2009 study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology called Quality of life supersedes the classic prognosticators for long-term survival in locally advanced non-small-cell lung cancer.  “We have developed fifteen best-practice modules featured on the website. Each one is organized to provide specific resources to help cancer patients, families, and health providers,” states Dr. Buckman.

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