How to Cook for Beginners with Simple Cooking Recipes published on Kindle

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( — January 28, 2013) Jenna Dahl announced today the publication of her book, How to Cook for Beginners with Simple Cooking Recipes.  The book is available worldwide with the click of the mouse.  The Amazon Kindle Store makes it easy to make this purchase right now!

Dahl emphasizes that all new cooks can have success with any of the recipes included in this book.  No more calling around to figure out your next step when trying a new recipe.  This book has everything you’ll need to cook up some delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for yourself and/or the whole family.  There are also plenty of dessert (and other goodies’ recipes) that will top off any meal!  What you will learn quickly is that cooking can be simple and fun when you have the necessary tools through several beginner’s cooking tips.        

Jenna Dahl said about her book, “I have come to enjoy cooking so much.  It was by way of being able to start out with the simple recipes included in this book AND the quick tips, conversion tables, and the recipe substitution ingredient list were invaluable.  It got me experimenting with more and more recipes.  I might even write a second cookbook with some of my best gourmet selections.”

You can learn more about this book at the Amazon Kindle Store.  The cost of the book is $6.99.  It makes a great birthday, wedding, or anniversary gift, too.  It’s for new cooks, young and old! 

About Jenna Dahl and How to Cook for Beginners with Simple Cooking Recipes: Jenna grew up in Fargo, ND with her parents and eight siblings. With such a large family, her Mom did most of the cooking.  It wasn’t until later in life that Jenna determined it was time she built up her own cooking skill.  What better way to start than by using the recipes for her favorite childhood dishes.  With the help of her Mom and other family members, she put together this great beginner’s cookbook.

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