Video Educates Buyers on the Pitfalls of Cheap Plantation Shutters

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( – January 29, 2013) Dallas, TX — Universal Window Coverings announced today the release of a new video documenting an aborted plantation shutter job that was being installed in a Plano, TX home. The video depicts the shutters, room by room, showing in graphic detail all that was wrong with the 30-plus window job. “it was horrible” said Universal president and owner, Mike Coronato, “it was as if they were making it up as they went along. In the 22 years I’ve been in the business I’ve never seen a job that bad.” Mr. Coronato had been asked to consult the would-be shutter owners after the lady of the house stopped the installation mid-stream. “She was pretty upset, as you can imagine,” Coronato said, “but she maintained a good sense of humor. Fortunately she had used a credit card and so she had some recourse. What really made her mad was the fact that the company denied that they had a money back guarantee even though it was prominent on their link with the Better Business Bureau.”

Referring to the botched job as “hard to look at”, Mr. Coronato said, “I really felt bad for her. The credit card company said that they couldn’t refund her money as long as the offending company promised to make it right. She just wanted to be done with them.” As of the time of the interview, the company in question was supposed to re-make the entire house full of shutters.

Universal Window Coverings is prominent in the window covering industry being the largest dealer of O’Hair plantation shutters in the DFW Metroplex. In the business since 1991, Mr. Coronato started out in a 1000 sq. ft. storage unit. Their current facility is almost 21,000 sq. ft., which they purchased in 2004. He is known amongst his peers for railing against manufacturers that sell cheap and poorly constructed shutters. “They’ve almost ruined the industry.” He said, “They come into the market selling inferior products for ridiculously low prices and then go out of business a year or two later often taking customers’ deposit money with them. My goal now is to educate the consumer so that they don’t fall into that trap. After watching my informative videos and reading my Consumer’s Guide they’ll know more than most of the salespeople out there.”

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