Alternating Bodyweight Lunge Video Released by Bodyweight Torch

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( — 30, January, 2013) City, ST — Mike Whitfield is an expert at Bootcamp Workouts and Bodyweight Exercises in Atlanta, GA and has explained the steps to doing the alternating bodyweight lunge through a video. The alternating bodyweight lunge is just one of the exercises in “Bodyweight Torch”, his new exercise program.

Whitfield explains that the exercise is underutilized in a workout program but helps to improve the legs and the overall body condition. Bodyweight Torch is full of exercises like this one, which help to burn fat and improve a person’s functionality during a normal day. He plans on offering more videos to help with completing the exercise in the program in the most accurate way so that workout enthusiasts will avoid injury and gain the results of their dreams.

Alternating bodyweight lunges are just one part of the program and offer a unique but unusual way of exercise. The exercise is fast paced but fun at the same time and there is no need to attend a gym. There is no need to buy special equipment and people can do the exercises in their own home and still lose weight. The lunges will improve the tone of the hips and glutes and help those who enjoy exercises such as biking and running. There are other lunge exercises in the conditioning program to help strengthen and tone. The idea of the 4-week program is to improve condition and strength for all and it will help to lose weight.

“It was a fun project,” Whitfield states, “and I know anyone who goes through the entire program will benefit from the lunges as well as the other lower body exercises.”

The Bodyweight Torch is a completely free program to download and includes many exercises including the alternating bodyweight lunge. Visit for the free bodyweight workout.

About: Mike Whitfield is a boot camp workouts and bodyweight exercises expert.  He recently released the free workout program BodyweightTorch to celebrate his 3 year anniversary of losing 105 pounds.  Recently he also released bodyweight exercise videos on the modified burpee.