The Cheesecake Factory Wins Again

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( — February 8, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — The Center for Science and the Public Interest has released its annual Xtreme eating list for 2013.   Get ready to feel guilty. 

As it turns out, the one restaurant chain that has made more appearances in the last four Xtreme Eating lists than any other is also one of the most popular restaurant chains in the country – The Cheesecake Factory.  They have had eight appearances in the last four articles.   Maybe there’s a connection? 

This year the Cheesecake Factory didn’t disappoint and provided two dishes that by calorie counts would mean you wouldn’t have to eat again for the next two days. 

Before giving out the numbers here is what is recommended by the U.S. government’s 2010 dietary guidelines daily intake:

  • Calories:  1,600 to 2,400 calories per day for adult women and 2,000 to 3,000 calories per day for adult men, depending on age and physical activity level.
  • Saturated fat:  20 grams
  • Sodium:  1,500 grams
  • Added Sugar:  Women consume no more than six teaspoons of added sugars per day;  men consume no more than nine.

Now here’s the numbers for the two dishes that made it on the list from The Cheesecake Factory:

Bistro Shrimp Pasta – 3 ½ cups of pasta with butter and cream sauce and topped with battered and fried shrimp.

  • 3,120 calories;  89 grams saturated fat;  1,090 milligrams of sodium

Crispy Chicken Costoletta – oil soaked breaded chicken breast in butter sauce with three-quarter pound serving of mashed potatoes with butter and cream and lastly fresh asparagus.

  • 2,610 calories;  89 grams of saturated fat;  2,720 milligrams of sodium

Donald Evans, the restaurant chain’s chief marketing officer said in a statement “The Cheesecake Factory has always been about choices. Many of our guests come in and want to celebrate and not be concerned with calories.”   Diners frequently share their dishes or take home leftovers and the menu contains lighter fare, he added.  Beginning in August 2011, The Cheesecake Factory has promoted its “SkinnyLicious” menu of entrees with 590 or fewer calories.

Other Xtreme Eating 2013 winners included:

  • Johnny Rockets Bacon Cheddar Double Hamburger:  1,770 calories, 50 grams of saturated fat and 2,380 milligrams of sodium.
  • Johnny Rockets Big Apple Shake:  1,140 calories, 37 grams of saturated fat, and 13 teaspoons of added sugar
  • IHOP’s Country Fried Steak & Eggs:  1,760 calories, 23 grams of saturated fat, 3,720 milligrams of sodium (more than 2 days worth!)
  • Smoothie King’s Peanut Power Plus Grape Smoothie.  A 40 oz. large i.e.  “The King”:  1.460 calories, and 22 teaspoons of added sugar
  • Chili’s Full Rack of Baby Back Ribs with Shiner Bock BBQ sauce:  1,660 calories, 39 grams of saturated fat, and 5,025 milligrams of sodium (more than 3 days worth!)
  • Maggiano’s Little Italy’s Chocolate Zuccotto Cake at five inches tall and four inches wide and weighing in at just under a pound:  1,820 calories, 62 grams of saturated fat (3 days worth) and 26 teaspoons of added sugar.

Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes were not mentioned, which typically hover around 1,000 calories a slice.  Maybe it’s just considered the new norm.

Who wants to see the calories anyway?  When you’re dining in a restaurant like this, could it be possible most people would rather see the recipes for those cheesecakes than the calories?

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