Worlds Lightest Electric Wheelchair Now Available Due To Battery Technology Breakthrough

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( — February 12, 2013) Gold Coast, AU — Despite the incredible convenience brought about for millions of manual wheelchair users with the advent of the electric wheel chair, the real challenge thus far has been to come up with a truly portable electric wheelchair.

There are an estimated 5 million wheelchairs users outside of institutions, and for most all of them the option of owning a portable electric wheelchair has been a mere pipedream.

Every day, these millions of electric wheelchair and mobility scooter users have to negotiate the added inconvenience and cost of getting around with heavy and cumbersome equipment.

Many of them are forced into living lives of utter seclusion as road and air travel remains a largely unaffordable and cumbersome affair.

Furthermore, billions of tax and new investment dollars are essentially wasted on the provision of specialised mobility aids such as wheelchair ramps, hoists and specially adapted vehicles.

All this waste could be avoided had there been an ultralight portable electric wheelchair that can be folded and toted around like modern kiddy strollers.

Well, someone did come up with exactly that solution. a dynamic new online firm based on the Australian Gold Coast has just introduced the “Portashopper™”, a light weight electric wheel chair that weighs less than 20 KG and which can literally be folded or unfolded in 5 seconds to pop into your car boot, a plane, train or any other vehicle.

Powered by the same Hi-Tech batteries found in laptops and mobile phones, this ideal travelling powerchair will scoot a user weighing up to 120KG along at jogging speed for around 15km per single 5 hour charge.

An extra battery weighing only 2KG fits into and is completely concealed by the wheelchair frame, thereby effectively providing a 30KM range.

“Normally these ground breaking innovations are hellishly expensive” says Mr Hilton Holder, CEO of Crikeymate Trading, “but due to major investment in manufacturing automation as well as our online marketing model, these powerchairs are much more affordable than traditional lead-acid battery wheelchairs”

“its modular design also allows warranty repairs to be done by anyone who can use a screwdriver or Allen key.”

The Portashopper™ has also passed the strict approval regime of Lifetec, Australias national quango for the provison of expert mobility aid advice.

All things come to those who wait, but some would believe they’ve waited long enough already.

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