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( — February 13, 2013) — Crystone is one of the best companies that offer web hosting online. They are an obvious “One-Stop-Shop” for small and medium enterprises due to their technical availability, competitive prices, and flexible contracts. Shared hosting is the most popular service of this company as it is known as the ultimate solution for flexibility and power.

Crystone received the Best of Hollywood Award for 2012 due to the success of their services. The specific award recognizes this particular website as best in website design and development. The category where Crystone belongs to is the Hollywood Award Program. Every year, the said award gives recognition to companies and even websites that offer great service. Crystone is recognized by the award in the Best Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing categories.

Because of the 2012 Best of Hollywood Award that has been given to Crystone, the said company is now hosting a lot of websites that are handled by other popular companies. In fact, they are now handling and web hosting over 300,000 websites all over the cyber world. Thousands of websites and even companies choose to have the service of this web hosting company because of their core values to future-safe their reliable services and giving top priority to listening to their customers.

There are actually three different plans that everyone can choose from to improve their website. Crystone Web Hosting has a mini plan which is known for offering just a single domain but has unlimited features for a lot of web hosting requirements. This is the cheapest plan that the company offers. Other plans are the standard and the pro plans. Compared to the mini plan, these other plans are more expensive. However, even if they are more expensive than mini plan, they have more features that can make everyone happy and satisfied with web hosting services they require.

Everyone who is looking for the right company that offers web hosting service is advised by professionals to use Crystone. They can be sure about the service of this company as it has been recognized by one of the most prestigious awards in Hollywood. Other companies and websites that offer this service don’t have this recognition yet.

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