Home Buyer Demands Increase in 2013

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(Newswire.net via Emailwire.com — Februrary 14, 2013) Portland, OR — Nationwide, the number of homes in foreclosure during 2012 was down about 20 percent from 2011, according to data aggregator CoreLogic. “The most encouraging foreclosure trend reported here is that the inventory of foreclosed properties is almost 20 percent smaller than a year ago,” said Mark Fleming, chief economist for CoreLogic. “This big improvement indicates we are working toward resolving the backlog of the most distressed assets in the shadow inventory.”  Home Buyer Demands have increased significantly.

In the Portland market, the percentage of sales of bank-owned homes (aka foreclosures or REOs), which had gone down every single month during 2012 (starting at 29.2 percent of all sales and ending at just 11.0 percent), rose slightly in January to 12.9 percent.  Throughout the year, the percentage of short sales (when a home is sold for less than what the homeowner owes on it) accounted for about 12 to 15 percent of all sales.  In January, short sales were 11.9 percent in Portland Metro, and they will probably continue to account for approximately this share of the market for months to come. Perhaps by summer, though, their number will decline, as the increase in housing prices lift homeowners out from underwater, putting them back into a positive equity situation.

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