Dating Expert Jonathan Green Releases Second Edition Of Best Selling E-Book

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 (, 15 2013) Nashville, TN- Dating guru Jonathan Green is happy to announce the release of the second edition of his best selling e-book Girlfriend In A Week. The new edition features additional visuals, exercises, and tips to really guide any guy to find the girlfriend of his dreams. 

The e-book begins with a revamped view on how to build confidence. The opening chapter focuses on exercises as simple as cleaning your room in order to begin taking a stand and growing confidence.

“Most of the problems I see in men is that they don’t have the confidence to approach a women they find attractive. Usually they approach her and start a very awkward conversation however most men won’t approach her at all. The common misconception I see in people is that they are waiting for love to just fall into their laps. They will be waiting a very long time if they never take action to get what they want,” remarks Jonathan.

After focusing on the key building blocks of confidence, the book then slides into approach anxiety and how to overcome this looming obstacle. In this new edition Jonathan adds attractive ways to start a conversation with the dream girl. He then instructs his readers how to keep the conversation going.

“Sometimes starting a conversation with an attractive girl is the easiest part for my clients. It’s keeping the conversation interesting that becomes the most difficult part. I’ve seen many men engage in conversation with their dream girl but then nerves kick in and they panic.”  

Jonathan has been in the dating business for over ten years now and has trained thousands of men internationally. His best selling e-book Girlfriend In A Week strives to appeal to any kind of guy that is struggling to find the girlfriend of his dreams.

“I’m really excited about the release of the second edition of Girlfriend In A Week. It is completely equipped with new visuals and exercises to really shake the reader up. My ultimate goal with this release is to help as many men as I can get the girl of their dreams. I’ve found that a lot of men have deep insecurities that hold them back from companionship and true happiness. The first step in my book is to accept yourself exactly as you are.”

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