Businesses, Charities and Chamber Team Up To Have An Immediate Impact In The Local Community.

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( via – February 15, 2013) The Dalles, OR — During tough economic times everyone is searching for ways to stretch a dollar. Families want to support local causes, but must choose between necessities and charity. Businesses also want to support local non-profit organizations, but with the rising costs of customer acquisition, utilities and taxes, their charitable donations have been forced to shrink.

One small business owner observed, “I have 3-5 requests a week from worthy organizations for a donations or support. I’d like to help more of them, but I just can’t. Business has been slow.” has a solution for families, charities and local businesses, helping them work together to strengthen communities and stretch a dollar.

Marketing Strategist Brad Harmon explains, “Businesses are regularly offering goods and services at a discount to attract new customers to sample the value they provide, hoping they will become a loyal customer. The cost of advertising these great deals to potential clients is increasing, consuming more and more of a business’s budget, making it harder for them acquire the new customers every business needs to survive.

“Non-Profit organizations; Charities, Churches, Chambers, Schools, Youth  programs, etc., have hundreds, even thousands of loyal supporters who would be more than happy to support a local business that offers a great value and supports their cause. helps non-profits get the word out for neighborhood businesses allowing the business to donate what they would have spent on advertising to charity.”

Lisa  Farquharson, Executive Director of The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce, was excited to discover a program designed to create instant cash flow and customers for neighborhood businesses. “We are always looking for ways to have a positive economic impact for our members and strengthen their relationships within the community and this does both.”

When Chambers, Charities and Non-Profit Organizations share great deals from local businesses with their supporters and the business then shares a portion of the revenues generated with the organization, it’s a Win-Win-Win! The consumer gets an excellent value on products or services they’ve wanted. Neighborhood businesses get an instant influx of customers and cash, while supporting charities, schools, youth sports programs and other local non-profit organizations.

The best part is is FREE to join. Consumers, charities and businesses can sign up without any cost or obligation. Businesses also get a complimentary consultation from a Local Marketing Consultant to help them with set up and promotion. For more information go to



Brad Harmon at U B All U R Business Solutions