JamPlay's New Groundbreaking Online Bass Guitar Learning System

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(Newswire.net — February 21, 2013) Fresno CA — The company is excited about their entry in today’s huge bass guitar market by using top-quality bass guitar instruction videos that can help anyone learn how to play the bass guitar from scratch. Over the past 12 months, the experts from JamPlay have been assembling a wide variety of instruction videos featuring many veteran bass guitar players who have proven their skills and talent as bass guitar instructors.  Each lesson is filmed by a professional team, in a modern office. These lessons are presented in a high-definition format, using 3 to 5 cameras in order to show the instrument from various angles, allowing the users to have a better view of the guitar. On top of all, the lessons can all be streamed to a mobile device.

This groundbreaking bass guitar learning service is an interactive, online resource specially designed for people who want to master this modern instrument. The lessons have a strong focus on the basics, especially for people who have never played any instrument. The truth is that a strong foundation is a must for everyone who wants to stay on top of his skills.

There are many reasons why someone might want to take bass guitar lessons. While beginners usually prefer to learn bass just for fun or because they have a hobby of playing a musical instrument, advanced bass guitar players are keen on learning new techniques or even sing in a band where they can actually earn money or make a living.

There are some students who are looking for a reputable service that provides bass guitar lessons online because they want to enroll in a college bass program. Lastly, even professional bassist may opt for bass guitar lessons, especially if they want to become even better and to start mastering new techniques. 

On http://www.jamplay.com/BassGuitarMembership, every bassist out there can find the video lessons most suitable for him.

A Jamplay.com subscription allows any user to stream a particular lesson from a certain teacher, at any time. A video can be watched endless times, and there is no restriction of time or number of times a user can watch a video. The freedom to learn what a user wants is the priority of this reputable online video guitar lessons company which focuses on the user experience.

The teaching structure, even if it is insanely simple, it is surprisingly effective. The teaching material is separated into three distinct phases for an easier learning process:

 – Beginner Lessons. This is where bass guitar lovers learn the absolute basics, such as posture, tuning, playing bass lines and reading tablature. – Genre Lessons. The phase 2 is extremely important too, because it focuses on specific skills and techniques. After the user has a firm grasp on the topics and lessons covered in Phase 1, he can move forward and learn how to develop his skills. – Song Lessons. The third phase focuses on those guitar players who simply want to learn how to play their favorite songs, not to learn how to play professionally.

 The features offered by JamPlay in their groundbreaking bass guitar learning tool that hit the headlines this year include print ready, A-B looping, video bookmarks and full-screen. For more information and for signing up, access this link: http://www.jamplay.com/BassGuitarMembership