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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE—March 4, 2013) Bradenton, FL—The many different derivatives of pizza are actually quite endless as one looks at all the varieties and uses of pizza dough.  Garlic knots are quite popular however Gianni’s NY Pizza in Bradenton has mastered the art of making these wonderful tidbits of Italian bites.  Garlic knots are essentially made of good quality dough that is the essence of the process.  The fermentation of the dough is the most important ingredient.   The dough is molded onto a formation that resembles a knot and then is permitted to rise.  Once it rises, there is a combination of olive oil and oregano that is mixed along with some “propriety” spices and herbs that are generously applied with a brush.    


Most people probably do not put much thought into the texture of dough but when done properly, the dough is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. With dough shaped in the knot formation, it also lends itself to greater surface area to allow baking to occur faster and easier.  With this shape, the sauces and spices that are added to it also penetrate the dough better and give it a better eating experience.  Why for example, is a New York style pretzel so good to eat?  The same reason in its construct and maneuverability once in the hand. 


Garlic knots like pizza are found in a lot of different pizzerias, but they are very different when one sees and tastes a truly well made and cooked garlic knot.   Pizza also can be thick crusted or paper thin, and certainly defines the quality level and experience of the patrons.  Gianni’s NY Pizza  of Bradenton and with a St. Petersburg location as well, prides it’s dough making ability as paramount in their quest for excellence.  Contact Gianni’s NY Pizza in Bradenton at    (941) 896-9700    4925 East State Road 64    Bradenton – FL – 34208  and 936 58th Street North 

St. Petersburg, FL 33710    (727) 381-3209 and visit them at Http://

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