Integrate GoToWebinar With Aweber or GetResponse to Retain Valuable Leads

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By Alexander Hamilton

(–March 15, 2013) Portland, OR–HG Media Marketing’s new webinar gateway system, Pro Marketer Tools, seamlessly integrates GoToWebinar with Aweber and GetResponse.  This integration will help business owners retain valuable leads and save money by automatically registering email opt-ins for upcoming webinars. Impact-Site-Verification: b0e5785b-309e-4bf6-b693-f72e241028fe

Research shows that prospects who have to opt-in twice, once to submit their information and then again to attend the webinar are 50% more likely to avoid signing up for the webinar than those who only have to opt-in once.  This loss of leads can cost marketers and business owners thousands of dollars and take away from the valuable sales presentation within the webinar.

Alexa Divett, Executive Director of Marketing with HG Media Marketing says, “Our clients have been asking us to create a way to seamlessly integrate GoToWebinar with Aweber and GetResponse for quite some time. And honestly our own business has also needed this kind of integration as we were easily losing between 24%-50% of our leads due to an unnecessary double opt-in process. Now thanks to Pro Marketer Tools we finally have access to a foolproof way to automatically register email opt-ins for upcoming webinars without confusing scripts, hiring a programmer or using plug-ins that don’t work correctly.  We are very pleased with the results that Pro Marketer Tools is delivering to our clients and to our own business.”

The Pro Marketer Tools online platform allows users to:

  • Schedule unlimited webinars
  • Build a series of webinars and multiple programs at once
  • Signup an unlimited number of registrants
  • Set it up in 3 steps – Using existing web forms and squeeze pages!
  • Send users instantly to a thank you page of their choice

Don’t let your hard-earned leads slip away.  With Pro Marketer Tools you can seamlessly integrate GoToWebinar with Aweber and GetResponse enabling you to automatically register your email opt-ins for your upcoming webinars.  This integration will save you money and ensure that your leads are seeing the valuable sales presentation within your webinars.

For more information including a guided tour of Pro Marketer Tools’ foolproof system, please visit or call Alexa Divett, Executive Director of Marketing at (541) 601-5035 for a free consultation.

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