Telexfree New Blog Post: Telexfree Review Blog Post Gives a Full Overview of the Telexfree Business

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( — March 14, 2013) Brisbane, AU –A new blog post has been posted on the internet titled Telexfree Review: Look at The Company, Product and If It Is A Valid Business Opportunity, giving a full review of the Telexfree Inc. business opportunity and their products and services.

About Telexfree Review Blog Post

Information in relation to the company, the products, the business opportunity, income proof and the legality of the business has been reported on. Readers can also view a video with a overview of the telexfree business along with another video of one of the Telexfree promoters in Brazil who is telling his story of how he went from selling Pizzas to making $500,000 in 5 months.

The blog post is released in conjuction with the large buzz online for the Telexfree business opportunity with the creation of 23 new millionaires in the company within a 11 month period following its launch in Brazil on January 1st, 2012.  It is recorded that 1,000,000 people have joined Telexfree in the last 13 months. With the launching of Telexfree internationally the United States has over 3,000 people join the company and already 1 of them has become a millionaire.

As explained in the blog post, the Telexfree business has a high retention rate as promoters are paid weekly for playing daily advertising whether they sell products or sponsor new members or not.  This is because unsold products are sold back to the company each week. A video provides a good overview of the business opportunity and the expansion of the company into the United States.

The new blog telexfree review blog post gives you an overview of Telexfree Inc. and where it comes from including that it is a American based, 13 year old company in the telecommunications industry that was previously known as Common Cents Communication. 

The Telexfree products and services have been outlined for you to view and understand in this blog post. The main product that is offered is a telecommunication software that will let you make a call from any kind of mobile phone or even land-line to every other mobile phone and land-line as well as communicate as long as you want for a flat fee of $49.90.  It is explained that this is a very competitive service when looking at similar services.

About Telexfree Review Blog

The Telexfree Review blog post was written by Ellen Agius an online marketer to inform people about the Telexfree business opportunity. The blog site is professional and clean with a large appeal to online marketers and entrepreneurs.

For people who understand the power of Network Marketing and are looking for security in regards to guaranteed weekly earnings then this Telexfree Business Review blog post will be worth a read and further investigation.  Their are also a number of bonuses offered on the post to support new business promoters of Telexfree.

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