Top Swing Method Used By Legendary Pros Inspires New Book to Help Golfers Play Better Golf

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( — April, 10, 2013) Los Angeles, CA — Despite significant improvement in equipment and design,golf scores have changed very little over the years. The average handicap has improved by less than one stroke for golfers meaning something is seriously wrong with how the game is taught today.

Golf educator and performance advisor, Bob Cisco has found that the current teaching model over the last 50 years or so has a serious flaw in its model. Golfers are falling way short of their potential. And as a result three million new golfers who take up the game of golf each year quit the game within eigtheen months due to frustration and failure.

Cisco has written a new golf book based on his research into fixing the golf instructional model entitled Perfect Balance: Your Key to Consistency and Shot-making in Golf due for release the week of the Masters golf tournament.

Perfect Balance: Your Key to Consistency and Shot-making in Golf is heralded as a ground breaking golf swing system that integrates the key fundamentals of balance, pivot, and drive into a highly dynamic and effective golf swing motion.

Based on new discoveries in golf mechanics on the role of these key “magic basics” by golf educator, and former PGA Tour master instructor, Bob Cisco.

Cisco recreates the golf swing motion and its emphasis on balance and pivot taken from the golden era of golf and its motto of the day “swing the clubhead”, which proved to be the top swing method of all time winning 90% of all golf majors by past and current legendary players, i.e. Bobby Jones, Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods.

The book includes over twenty newly-found axioms of golf swing motion, balance, and pivot discovered by the author in a ten year research project that all key top players in the game of golf use in their swings. 

Key data on the role of the pivot, moving from your center, how to harness efortless power. Many never seen or known to even golf instructional circles, now made public to golfers for the first time ever. Secrets of the golf swing, why they work based on their true natural law.

In a pilot conducted with golfers to lower your handicap the swing motion system has proven to be more effective than any other golf training or golf lesson series to date per latest successes of students and clients, who have read the book and used the Perfect Balance golf swing system.

Bob Cisco states that every golfer can play better golf and reach the potential they’re capable of. They just need to know the ‘magic basics’ or key essentials to the golf swing. 

“Perfect Balance Golf” is the third in a series of golf instructional books written by its author Bob Cisco, whose “The Ultimate Game of Golf” book was a best-selling book in 1993-1996. Click here for more info on the book.

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