CPN Numbers Are Dead

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(Newswire.net March 16, 2013) Tampa, FL–The goal of a CPN number and/or any other similar number (eg. SCN’s etc) was to trick the credit bureau’s computer system into creating a new clean credit file that could then be used to develop a new credit history. This strategy has been used successfully for years.

Recently changes have occurred and a new product has been introduced that in our opinion has made the use of a CPN Number practically obsolete.

In order to better explain how and why this has happened you will need to know exactly how a CPN Number is actually created and developed

How CPN Numbers Are Created

In order for a CPN Number to work with a lender it must meet 2 requirements

  • The number must appear to look like a SS#, this means when looked up by the bank they must be able to tell that the number provided by the CPN user matches a number issued by the Social Security Administration (The Social Security Administration provides a list of active numbers without the corresponding personal data for this purpose) You can see this information on SSNValidator.com


  • The number itself can not be in the “credit system” this means that nobody else should be using this number to obtain credit. Even though the credit bureau will create multiple files when it gets duplicate SSN’s the lenders offering credit will flag a file if 2 people submit the same social security number. If your CPN number matched my SSN number and you applied for credit at a lender I already have credit with your application and credit file could be flagged as fraudulent.

CPN Number’s Match Social Security Number Of Children

These 2 requirements force the people issuing the CPN Number to use what is ultimately a social security number that has been issued to a child. It is an “Issued” number and it is not likely to be in the “Credit System”

The best CPN numbers have always matched the social security number of children, keep in mind that these numbers were not taken from various children databases, they were basically made up, the person providing CPN numbers doesn’t typically know who the matching SSN actually belongs to.

Recent Changes Kills CPN’s

Recently a slew of services have been created to help parents prevent their childs SS# from being used by others. These services are calling the use of a child’s SS# Child ID Theft even though there is no use of the child’s name.

Here are some recent video’s highlighting the services and how some news organizations are handling it.



Although we disagree with the assertion that this is actually child ID theft the perception that it is has contributed to our opinion that CPN’s are now obsolete. Even though they may technically work, we feel that the time and expense to properly develop a CPN number is too muchto risk losing it overnight when and if the parent of the child decides to block their number, this can happen right after you get your number or years later.

Possible Legal Trouble

The legality of using CPN Numbers has been hotly debated over the years and with the absence of any clear laws or court cases the debate will go on however imagine If you went in to court in front of a jury to assert your right to use a CPN number and claimed that the privacy act is the law that allows you to do this you may get a jury to side with you as they may feel the it is the bank that lost money and is the victim, however if the district attorney says you stole a child identity you may never get a jury to side with you as they now see a child as the victim instead of some large company.

Alternative Solution

Although the quick fix of CPN Numbers are no longer available, Danny Garcia of www.PayAfterDeletion.com recommends that instead of trying to trick the system by creating a new credit file you go back to your real credit file and do credit repair. Unlike the past where you had to pay upfront for service or enroll in an endless monthly program, you now have the option of paying for credit repair only when and if items are actually deleted from your credit report.

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