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( — March 18, 2013) Philadelphia, PA — A local SEO marketing company in Philadelphia, is making an unbeatable offer; its going to put a number of businesses on the page one of Google. The best part of the offer is that it’s free. The skeptics will of course say that nothing is free, but this is indeed, free. The company, Page One Marketing Geek, is making the exclusive offer to any business competing in a local market.

 Company owner, Russ Royal, who has been named “The Coolest Reputation Marketing Expert in Philadelphia,” has a new website and to celebrate it’s launch, he is making an incredible offer to put a handful of business on page one of Google, for free.

When asked why he is doing this, Russ replied: “I know that things are rough in this economy and many people will look at this and ask, what’s the catch? The catch is that that I want to build value, trust and credibility with anyone who accepts this offer. I’m going to put them on page one, I’ll do it in less than 48 hours and that’s it. When they see that I’ve done that, they will know that I can deliver on my promises of SEO marketing in Philadelphia. Then if my services are needed, I’ll be the first one they call. In my world, that’s just good business.”

 Russ continued: “Page One Marketing Geek is going to be the best SEO Philadelphia Company around and our SEO marketing techniques are geared to dominate the first page of Google for our customers in Philadelphia or anywhere else. We’re not limited to SEO in Philadelphia what we do will work in any city. Our philosophy is simple; we’ll take on only one customer per niche. In doing so, we can focus our efforts solely on that customer thus the client gets the benefit of all of our resources. We’ll never have one client competing against another. We offer exclusivity, and with that results.”

For business owners looking to establish some sort of web presence, this offer is a no-brainer. Since Google receives an incredible amount of the search volume traffic, and 80%-90% of searches go no further than page one, business owners want to be on the first page. The likelihood of being found diminishes geometrically if a site is not on page one. 

For Page One Marketing Geek, this remarkable offer is all about building relationships. Russ truly believes that building value with potential customers is the way to build long-term relationships, and apparently, he will to go out of his way to do so.  His page one marketing strategies revolve around writing Press releases and marketing them. His techniques drive traffic and effectively place his clients on the first page of Google. 


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