Ashford Realty Group Offers Full Service Property Management & Real Estate Services in Fountain, Falcon and Monument

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( — March 17, 2013) Colorado Springs, CO — According to an article published last year in Business Insider titled, ”A Hot New Investing Trend Among Super Rich Families”, “there’s a hot new trend coming out of family and wealth management offices around the country. Ultra high net-worth families from across the country are putting their money together to structure substantial real estate portfolios in anticipation of an upswing in that sector. They see the market bottoming out, and they like that it’s a hard asset.” Savvy families of investors with knowledge and experience in the sector want to find other families with passive cash so they can acquire even more holdings for a their portfolios.

Passive investors need to know typical terms and protect themselves from disagreements, etc, and will find it advantageous to seek out families with experience in the sector. It’s important when managing the money of other careful investors to put structure and controls in place.

Similar to the super rich, smaller local investors need a trusted partner to assist with their property management needs. Ashford Property Management Team leader Nicole Lee said, “We know the neighborhoods, we know the schools, we know your tenants and we know you. We understand that you place your trust in us and we honor that by being responsive, straightforward and responsible. Colorado Springs is our city and we work toward making it a better place for each of its residents, one property owner at a time”.

Here are two testimonies about the services Ashford Property Management have provided to their investor clients.

“I have used Nicole Lee and the Ashford Property Management Team for over 4 years to manage a rental property in Peyton, CO. It has been the most positive of experiences. Ashford Property Management is very proactive and professional in all matters. If there’s ever a vacancy, they have always secured a new tenant.”—Karen H

“Nicole Lee is fabulous. She is not only an expert in her field but she has an expert staff and vendors who can service the rentals at the most efficient cost. I have been a property owner for over 20 years and I know how hard it is to find a fantastic property manager. She is the best!”—David T

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Ashford Realty Group is a full service property management and Colorado Springs real estate services agency that serves Fountain, Falcon Monument, and the greater Colorado Springs area. The property management company allows investors the opportunity to become stress-free property owners while they provide all of the services an investor expects. The company’s goal is to place responsible tenants as expeditiously as possible while getting the most the market will allow for a particular property.



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