La Caja China Barbecue Grills Increase Restaurant and Catering Profit Across Cities Everywhere

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( — March 18, 2013) Medley, FL — The success of La Caja China’s Magic Box continues to climb as it gains popularity around the world. The small company with homegrown roots who created it continues to expand as well. Their roasters are not only used by world renowned chefs, but by successful restaurant owners everywhere.


Utilized for the unique taste and texture that it brings to make meats savory, La Caja China’s products set themselves apart from other industry barbecue and smokers. Made in the USA with hometown ingenuity, the magic box is quickly becoming a world famous roaster that can cook any concoction to perfection. This popular box was also featured on the Food Network and endorsed by such famous cooks as Martha Stewart and TV personalities like Bobby Flay, Mo Rocca and Andrew Zimmern.


The magic box is the most innovative roaster on the market. Using the simple concept of heating from a wooden box, it not only speeds up cooking time, but creates a consistently excellent product every time. It is quickly becoming a favorite for many restaurants seeking to carve out a niche for themselves as having the best barbecue.


Those who use the Caja China pig roaster realize that it is not only about the original sauce of the barbecue, but the roasting, that creates the combination for a fabulous taste. This is not the most expensive equipment on the market but brings huge profit for restaurant owners who are investing in them.


Although it is a process of trial and error to create a unique flavor of barbecue sauce, the magic box takes the guesswork out of trying to cook it to perfection every time. The success of their product continues to grow, which is why La Caja is enjoying great expansion, and continuing to grow the business of many owners around the world.


The equipment is not just something that is made for restaurant use. Realizing there would be a calling from the public at large, the company has downloadable instructions on how to assemble the box for personal use.


 Caja China barbecue grills are best used for outdoor BBQs, special events, gatherings, parties, restaurants and catering.


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