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( — March 19, 2013) Seattle, WA — Online Degrees Guide is celebrating 10 years of helping prospective college students find information on schools and make better education and career choices.

For the past 10 years, has been helping people find information on schools and career training programs in North America. The website’s manager David Hanson said, “Of course I’m a little bit surprised that the site lasted this long. And, to be honest, I’m a little surprised that I’m still here running it, but I’m very proud that visitors are still coming to the site and that we are helping them out a little bit.”

“Deciding on a career path and which school to attend are huge, life-changing decisions,” Hanson continued, “And it’s my belief that the more information and input you receive from outside sources will only help you make better decisions as to which career is best suited to your personality and which of the career training paths is the best one to take.”

Online Degrees Guide doesn’t require any fees to use the site. It is a free resource for school researchers or anyone who is interested in getting information about schools and career training. The site has details about many schools and includes contact information for all major universities, plus many of the larger community colleges, for-profit schools and vocational training schools.

Hanson had some advice for prospective students contemplating applying to a school, “Deciding what type of job or career you want is really the best first step to take. Once you know that, then you can really narrow down your choices of schools.”

“For example,” Hanson continued, “If you’re pretty sure you want to become an accountant, you should try to get into the best school for accounting that you can afford. And it’s not just that you may get a better education there, but schools that are known for producing good accountants will have better internship programs and they will have a lot more on-campus recruitment opportunities from employers. Participating in internships and being fortunate enough to have employers come looking for you are the best avenues for getting your first good job.”

Hanson concluded that students should make their own education decisions, “A four-year university isn’t right for a lot of people. If you think your career goal might be to one day have your own plumbing business, there are specific vocational programs that will work much better for you than a traditional college. And they’ll be a fraction of the cost, too.”

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