Assisted Living in Virginia Beach: Helping Loved Ones Residential Care Is Setting the Example

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( — March 18th, 2013) Virginia Beach, VA — Helping Your Loved Ones Residential Care Facility is setting a new standard of care and resident experience for other assisted living facilities in Virginia Beach, Virginia to follow.

Helping Your Loved Ones Residential Care provides a high level of residential care and living experience that the 65+ age group and their families are looking for. Nestled on 40 acres in the Chesapeake country side they provide an upscale “home” environment surrounded by peaceful sanctuary. Resident’s enjoy their own private room, which includes a sitting and visiting area, as well as having access to the downstairs luxury of this amazing home and large outside patio. The residents also are able to enjoy home cooked meals, no cafeteria style here. All the meals are prepared in the homes beautiful custom kitchen, that would put most residential kitchens to shame. In the words of Lois Taylor “The facilities are beautiful and many peaceful moments can be spent on the grounds. The family oriented home environment can be appreciated in the quality of the food.”

In an era with rising health care costs and restructuring most facilities are looking to cut costs. Who do you think suffers from that? An un-named source with Sentara Health Care in VA Beach, VA stated “that the hospital is feeling the pressure on an economical level caused by the changes in health care and it is trickling down to quality of patient care.” Now you begin to add in the rise of our elderly population as the Baby Boomer Generation get’s older. You can make a hypothesis that the level of care our elderly will receive is going to decrease and the same can be said for the assisted living in Virginia Beach.

Helping Your Loved Ones is not new to providing a high level of assisted living care despite the worst economy since the Great Depression. They began in 2000 serving retired adults, initially known as Eagle’s Nest Assisted Living. They staff full-time certified/licensed nurses for nursing care assessments as well as overseeing the care of the resident receives. Helping Your Loved Ones Residential Care Founder and President Earl Virts had this to say when asked what he takes the most pride in “We pride ourselves on having a high staff to resident ratio.” Mr. Virts went on to say “that they are only able to take care of a maximum number of only 8 people.”

Assisted Living Facilities in Virginia Beach, VA can learn from Helping Your Loved Ones Residential Care by providing a more unique home experience that our elderly wants and deserves and by providing a high level of care regardless of the economical impact to their outrageous profitability. Let’s face it we live in a time where oil companies are experiencing record high profits at the cost of the consumer and the same goes for the medical industry. Now although any facility needs to be concerned with profitability Helping Your Loved Ones is no different. The Virt’s however have created a business model that focuses more on patient/residential care at the sacrifice of over inflated profits. They need your vote for the Best Assisted Living Faculty in Virginia Beach.


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