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( — March, 19 2013) Hamburg, Germany — The worst part is not knowing. Get tested today.A study by the University of California ( shows that many Americans will not use adequate contraception if they believe their partner to be “safe”, even in casual encounters where the partner’s sexual history is not known to them.

It’s a worrying trend that has seen 20 million new instances of STD transmission in the last year alone. The problem is aggravated by hesitancy to get tested for STIs. Feelings of shame and embarrassment, a desire for confidentiality; these are factors that prevent STDs from being identified. It causes stress and anxiety for the sufferer and increases the risk of infections being spread.

Online Blood Testing from Personalabs offers a solution to this problem. It’s a fast, sensitive service that provides vital health information in a discreet manner. Appointments are booked online, results are returned online within 2-3 business days. Blood samples are taken for STD testing by one of medical professionals at our labs, so there’s no need for your regular doctor to know.

The service provides an invaluable peace of mind to clients, supporting them at a time of stress and giving them the information they need to safeguard their health, and the health of those around them. Our labs are conveniently located throughout the country, so it’s a service available to everyone. And starting at $25 per test, it’s a service that’s affordable for everyone.

Labs and Health Tests from Personalabs are not just for identification of STDs. Our labs can offer you tests for a wide range of conditions including:

  • * Allergy tests
  • * Blood disorders
  • * Cancer
  • * Diabetes
  • * Drugs and alcoho
  • * Pregnancy
  • * Heart, liver, kidney, stomach and pancreas conditions
  • * DNA testing

All tests offered are explained in clear, informative detail on our website. From there, you can book a single test or arrange a full panel of tests, making it possible to be examined for a range of conditions in just one session. And because we accept payments through PayPal, as well as all major credit cards, you can pay online in the strictest privacy.

Please visit our website for more Information:

Our labs, located conveniently throughout the country, don’t require an advance appointment, so you can drop in and have a sample taken at a time that’s convenient to you. Our professional and courteous staff will ensure that you have a pleasant experience.

2-3 business days after the test, you’ll receive a discreet email notifying you that their results are available. These can be downloaded from our website in PDF format, allowing you to forward them to your physician should you choose to do so. The results will not be made available by us to anyone but you.
Your health is the most important thing you have. Don’t just wait to be told that there might be a risk to your well-being. Get tested today and get the information you need to take care of yourself.



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