5 Reasons Online Reputation Management Is Vital For Business Success

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(Newswire.net — March 19, 2013) Toronto, ON — Here are five key reasons why online reputation management is critical for your business, online and offline:


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Online reputation management is critical for today’s business world, especially because nearly 80 percent of customers have changed their minds about a product or service based on an online review, according to recent studies. And this can clearly affect your bottom line.


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  1. Customers now trust online reviews a lot more today. Recent studies have indicated that 80 percent of consumers have avoided a product or service based on poor reviews, and 90 percent have bought a product solely because of good reviews.
  2. Customers rely on your online profile. This is not referring to social media, but your online reputation management will assure customers that your business is legitimate and operates in its legal capacity.
  3. Businesses with online reputation management are more visible to customers. Being online is now essential for businesses, not just an option. If your business is visible and available to customers, then you will gain more leads and more sales.
  4. Businesses with social media connections are more valued. If your online reputation management ignores social media, such as Twitter or Facebook, then you could be losing a lot more business to certain customers.
  5. Online reputation management is valuable. The costs associated with losing your business or losing your customers is huge, so the small price to pay for online reputation management can be an incredible investment in the future of your business.


Online reputation management is important in today’s world, so Online Marketing Solution’s free reputation report – available at http://ReputationAlerter.com – can show you how your business appear to the online community. It is essential for the future of your business, so you need to invest in online reputation management as soon as possible.