Massage Therapy in Philadelphia, Boris Sonis Named Philadelphia’s Best Massage Guru

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( — March 19, 2013) Philadelphia, PA — In a new internet based poll conducted in Philadelphia, PA, participants were asked to name the “Best Massage Guru in Philadelphia” when the intense discussion had ended, it was absolutely clear that Boris Sonis had been chosen as a clear winner. Without question the top reason that Boris was chosen was because of the outstanding care he gives to his clients. Naming the Best Massage Guru” was done through an online opinion poll initiated by local marketing agency, Page One Marketing Geek.

According to the poll, the name most often mentioned when asked about Massage Therapy in Philadelphia, was none other than Boris Sonis. Participants in the poll cited Boris because great care and attention to the services that he offers in reflexology, fitness and cosmetology. In addition to the therapy that he offers, Boris often consults with his clients on the benefits of stress reduction and nutrition. A recognized expert on Message Therapy, Boris places the highest priority on living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of the whole being.

In fairness, the survey that named Boris the ”Best Message Guru In Philadelphia” was done with local residents living within a 25-mile radius of his office.  Many names were entered into the discussion and the competition was intense as soon as the survey was announced. However, when the tally had been taken, the winner was clear and it was Boris Sonis.

When the competition had ended, Boris was notified that he has won and surprisingly, he had not known that it was going on. Completely taken by surprise, he did not choose not to comment on the victory but said, “ After practicing for over 25 years, I am still amazed at the effectiveness of the ancient art of the magic touch. It is unbelievably beneficial, you would be truly amazed at how much better you feel after the magic touch.”

Our conversation with Boris reflected a dedication and passion for his craft. He is truly concerned with the well being of his clients and defined reflexology for those unfamiliar with it as “Reflexology helps to relieve all types of pain and stress, both mental and physical. If you aren’t able to find relief from conventional medicine, you may want to look into the healing power of touch. Reflexology sends energy signals that help to put the nervous system back in balance and release chemicals, such as endorphins, that work to reduce pain and discomfort.”

Reflexology has been known to rid body of toxins, increase circulation, improve digestion, and relieve pain and much, much more. For those interested in a more holistic approach to the healing process, local Philadelphia residents are lucky to have such an experienced and talented massage therapist available to them. After all Boris Sonis is “Philadelphia’s Best Massage Guru”


Boris Sonis can be reached in his office at (215) 677-3733