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( — March 20, 2013) Eugene, Oregon — Anti aging science can be quite daunting with so much jargon and marketing hype. This Thursday in just one short hour you can learn about some of the latest anti aging tips during a live webinar training which will be hosted by Joshua Parker. Attend and you will be better informed about the science that may or may not support the anti aging supplements which you may be taking.

On Thursday March 21st Joshua Parker and his special guest who is a board certified nutritionist will be holding a webinar to share new findings in science which can affect the health of connective tissue, joint function, elasticity of the skin and more. They’ll be discussing the role of essential structural proteins and glycosaminoglycans (such as Hyaluronic Acid, these are also referred to as GAGs) and why these are so vital for protecting your cells from the ravages of aging. There is a lot of talk about these substances by anti aging supplement companies but very few consumers seem to have any understanding of how these compounds assist the normal functions in the body.

Why does your skin retain less moisture as you age? Fact is hyaluronic acid is not only responsible for moisture retention in the skin but it’s also been proven to stimulate cells which regenerate skin tissue – as noted in a Journal of Biochemistry research study. A certain form of collagen has also been shown to have similar regenerative effects on the cells of articular cartilage – this was reported in the American Journal of Pathology.

During this free live webinar training on Thursday they will also be discussing the role of inflammation in the aging process; plus how you can take advantage of the available absorption and bioavailability of certain specific nutrients. They’ll also be exploring the role of immune response and the digestive process in effective absorption of these vital nutrients. You can register for the free anti aging webinar at

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