Graphic Design Education Guide Completes 10 Years of Helping Students

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( — March 21, 2013) Seattle, WA — Graphic Arts Schools is proud to announce the 10-year anniversary of the start of their website — — a guide for students who are interested in a career in the graphic design industry.

For 10 years, Graphic Arts Schools has been helping online visitors research colleges and other schools.  Most of these visitors are people interested in a graphics design career.

David DeMars, the website editor, said, “It’s been kind of a treat to have this little website flourish over the past 10 years. We originally started the website from our small, odd office that was attached to a beauty parlor. Through the thin walls of the office, we could hear the laughter of the women in the beauty parlor while they were getting their hair washed. Come to think of it,” DeMars added, “We’re still in kind of a small, odd office to this day.” is a free website that anyone can use. The site provides some in-depth details about select schools, but also includes contact information for practically all public and private colleges, including community colleges and some for-profit institutions.

“Not every student is well-suited for a career in design,” DeMars continued, “Anyone who gets into this field without having some innate art ability is going to struggle when asked to visually demonstrate or illustrate ideas or concepts. If someone can’t effectively do the basics, such as drawing by hand, then that individual will really be working uphill in this business.”
“On the other hand,” DeMars countered, “You don’t have to be a fantastic studio artist to make it in this business, but if you have some decent skills, the work will be so much easier.”

And DeMars continued by saying that there are some positions in the business side of design that don’t really require any actual creative work. Positions such as account manager and other jobs where an individual acts as a liaison between the art department and the design company’s clients can be good, well-paying positions.  

DeMars concluded that design could be the ideal career field for many art students. “There are a lot of college students who really like certain aspects of art, but either don’t have the desire to continually work in the studio creating pieces of art that they just have to sell to make a living, or, quite frankly, just don’t have the exceptional talent, creativity and drive necessary to thrive as a working artist. Being able to be creative as a graphic designer, earning a nice steady paycheck, and seeing your work in the media is a pretty good situation for many to be in.”  

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