New Onlineshop from Rush Industries

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( — March, 22, 2013) Mineola, NY — Some of the products they offer are jewelry, military, health and beauty,shape wear, gardening and underwear. In the jewelry dept. they have a great selection of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings inplatinumand gold. They carry rings, bracelets and necklaces for serenity, cancer, inspirational and religious. In the earrings they carry Pearl and crystal, charm style and Irish Celtic Tribal Hoop. All are very stunning, especially the bands.

As far as the military goes, they have caps, t-shirts, jackets, belt buckles, embroideredpatches, pins, and coins. Then they have rings, watches, colognes, wallets, flags, key chains, signs, and license plates. Some of the patches include POW MIA, flying American Bald Eagle and the American Flag, Air Force, Army and Navy patches plus many, many more you find in the new Onlishop from Rush Industries Inc.

In the health and beauty dept they have a complete line of hair products called Long ‘N Strong. It includes amoisturizingshampoo, treatment set, treatment lotion,and a leave in treatment serum.
The personal care line carries vitamin supplements and skin care called Tehani. This includes a skin care set, oil free facial moisturizer. skin toner, stretch mark cream and deep wrinkle serum, just to name a few, there is much more. The supplements are weight loss supplements along with vitamin supplements.
In the shape wear dept. body shaper, leg wear, and bras and panties. These are also sold in plus sizes.
When it comes to gardening they carry trees and plants, flowering bulbs, seedballz and mats, and gift ideas.

New arrivals consist of pedants, necklaces and earrings, different types of religiousjewelry, and rings. All of these new arrivals are a beautiful expression of love and should be shared.
This company carries a unique selection ofveryversatileproducts. What more could you ask for. This company has it all and at areasonableprice. They also have free shipping for orders over $99.00.
So don’t let someone else get there first, go online to and enjoy the trip through a wonderful world of product. It’s nice to have a company that you can go to online that you can trust to give you an honest quality product and follows through with a shipment just like they promises.